Frame Loom
Frame Loom

Frame Loom

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This wooden frame loom can be purchased fully assembled or unassembled for you to build yourself. 

The fully assembled loom measures 12" wide x 14" long, with an interior weaving space of roughly 8" wide x 10.5" long not including possible fringe.

The unassembled loom materials include two canvas stretcher bars measuring 12" long, two bars measuring 14" long, and 66 1" long bright finishing nails (33 nails for the top of the loom, and 33 for the bottom). 

Tools needed to build the loom yourself that are not included are:

- Hammer

- Pencil

- Measuring tape

The unassembled loom materials do not include instructions. If you would like some guidance as to how to put it together, my first class Weaving Essentials shows how I make all of my own frame looms including how far apart I hammer in the nails and why it's important to hammer them in on an angle!

It is recommended to always wear safety glasses whenever using a hammer. :)

The wood grain will vary from loom to loom. 


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