Class 2: Extended Techniques

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This class will teach you a variety of extended weaving techniques. 


  • How to make raised (hand-tufted with rya knots) circles and squares
  • How to secure and trim raised areas in your weaving
  • How to make a raised gradient square
  • A guide to gradient pattern making
  • Connecting and separating weft
  • Notes on tension

This class is great for intermediate weavers, or beginner weavers who would like to jump ahead and learn more advanced skills.

When you purchase this class, you will receive an email receipt with access to a 24 minute long instructional video, and a 14-page expanded booklet (PDF) to either download or stream/read online. 

* Be sure to include and spell-check your email address at checkout in order to receive the files!

I recommend downloading the video to watch it in the best HD quality, but if you would prefer to stream it online, you can watch the video as many times as you'd like - the files do not expire!

The expanded booklet contains the full transcribed text, as well as plenty of bonus information not mentioned in the video; including extended details and notes on every lesson.

Being self-taught in my practice, all of the techniques included in this class have been learned through hands-on experimentation. Everything is specific to my own learning and creative process, and is by no means the only way to weave. The purpose of this class is to give you an intimate look into my artistic practice, which will specifically focus on the extended techniques that I use to create my own woven artworks.

A note on pricing:
If you are unable to afford the cost of $30 CAD, please contact me directly and we can work something out.

Thank you! Happy weaving :-)


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