From Start to Finish

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This video series will show you how I make a woven ‘Bean’ weaving from start to finish. 

The formatting of these videos is much different than all of my other classes.

There is no talking, no music, no corresponding PDF file. You will simply experience all of the sights and sounds of me weaving, knotting, trimming, sawing, sanding, sewing, cleaning up, stretching, etc.

For all of these reasons I am weary of calling it a “class” like my others, but I do believe that it is and will be educational in many ways.

The series is comprised of 5 separate episodes totalling 4.5 hours in length.

Episode 1: Weaving the Background (part 1)

Episode 2: Weaving the Background (part 2)

Episode 3: Knotting (part 1)

Episode 4: Knotting (part 2)

Episode 5: Trimming and Finishing


This series was filmed from start to finish (leaving nothing out) over two consecutive days. The episodes were created to give me (and you) opportunities to take breaks in between, and to be able to watch sections out of order.

I like to think of this series as an ambient presence for you to put on while you yourself are weaving, kind of like the fake fireplace video you can play on your TV to feel cozy, but instead it's like weaving with a socially-distanced friend on Zoom :-). 


When you purchase this series, you will receive an email receipt with access to 5 video episodes that you can either download or stream online.

Be sure to include and spell-check your email address at checkout in order to receive the files.

I recommend downloading the videos to watch them in the best HD quality, but if you would prefer to stream them online, you can watch the videos as many times as you'd like - the files do not expire!

Being self-taught in my practice, all of the techniques included in this video series have been learned through hands-on experimentation. Everything is specific to my own learning and creative process, and is by no means the only way to weave. The purpose of these videos is to give you an intimate look into my artistic practice, which will specifically focus on the techniques that I use to create my ‘Bean’ weavings. 

Tools and Materials used in the videos:

- Warp Yarn

- All of the other yarns used in these videos were thrifted in some way or another. If you're looking to buy yarns for this or any other projects I recommend Gist Yarn!

- Weaving Combs

Weaving Needle

- Scissors 

- Small Handsaw 

- Measuring Tape

- Super Glue

- Wooden Dowel

- Sand Paper

- Frame Loom: I make all of my own frame looms. You can learn how to make one in my first class: Weaving Essentials 

A note on pricing:
If you are unable to afford the cost of $30 CAD, please contact me directly and we can work something out.

Thank you! Happy weaving :-)